Meet Allison Camire MAOM LAc. OM Dipl.

Meet: Allison Camire MAOM LAc. OM Dipl.

Allison is a visually impaired practitioner who has used her extensive training in Japanese acupuncture to perfect her skills in palpation and strengthen her other senses which grant her a powerful interpretation of the body and the manifestations of illness within patients. In Japan, blind practitioners are often considered ‘Masters’ of acupuncture and at one point in time acupuncture was a profession specifically held for the blind.  Allison is the only vision impaired practitioner on the East Coast and one out of a very limited percentage of acupuncturists in the world to practice under this heightened scope of healing. 

Allison has had specialized training through a lineage of blind practitioners in Japan through several years of mentorship, where she has further developed her skills as an acupuncturist. Allison has a heightened perception of each individuals energy flow through the body and its meridians that grant her a unique and powerful perspective into a persons health. Allison complements her work of acupuncture with Reiki, nutrition, and lifestyle modification to create a fully balanced approach to health. Allison is boundless in her ability to support her patients and assist them in fostering the results in life and health they desire.  Allison is devoted to treating the root of all pathologies and advocating and nurturing her patients on every step of their journey. 

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