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Herbal Medicine & Natural Supplements

All herbal medicine and natural supplement products prescribed and sold at North Shore Acupuncture and Natural Medicine are physician grade, safe and FDA regulated for human use and consumption. 

Practitioners of Chinese Herbal Medicine undergo extensive herbal training in pharmacopea, formulas, internal medicine, biomedicine, and pharmacology and require a Masters level education to practice and prescribe herbal medicine in the United States. 

Herbal formulas are prescribed for individual patients based on their own particular pathology or disease. Herbalists use a host of diagnostic tools to assess the imbalance and choose herbs carefully within a formula for treatment. 

When herbal medicine is prescribed it is typically taken daily, and is most often combined with acupuncture appointments on a regular basis. When herbal medicine and acupuncture are used in conjunction, patients tend to notice relief from their symptoms faster and the use of one modality enhances the affect of the other.