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Acupuncture Treatment for Fertility

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Acupuncture for Fertility:

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine that dates back to 100 BC, and is used to manage a wide variety of medical conditions. Acupuncture works by inserting thin needles into specific acupuncture points of the body to stimulate Qi (pronounced chee). The stimulation of Qi can be thought of as an increase in blood flow within the body, which has a positive impact on your health and wellness.

Today, the World Health Organization and conventional health care are understanding the importance of incorporating acupuncture treatments as a effective method to improve fertility.

It is suggested that acupuncture and oriental medicine can help infertility by:

  • Boosting blood flow to reproductive organs

  • Balancing of hormones

  • Relieving stress

  • Improving quality of sleep

  • Regulating better menstrual cycles

  • Increasing libido

  • Improving the success of embryo transfer (i.e IVF)

  • Preventing miscarriage

When should acupuncture treatment begin:

Acupuncture is similar to Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy in that it is a process-orientated method of medical treatment. It is better to do more than less to receive the most benefit from acupuncture treatments. Patients who are utilizing acupuncture for fertility are treated for two to six months prior to insemination, IVF, or donor egg. The long-term approach to treatment has a therapeutic effect. At North Shore Acupuncture and Natural Medicine, our fertility treatments incorporate acupuncture treatment, Chinese herbal medicine, as well as conventional treatment and holistic therapies.

Regular acupuncture treatment is recommended through week twelve to help prevent miscarriage (since most miscarriages within the first 3 months) After week twelve, North Shore Acupuncture and Natural Medicine, recommends semi-regular acupuncture treatments to ensure the positive effects of acupuncture are still occurring (Please note - each patient has individualized acupuncture treatment plans that vary from patient to patient. The treatment plan will be discussed in detail at the initial consultation).


According to National Institutes of Health there a minimal risks in using acupuncture for fertility. When compared to fertility drugs, acupuncture has rare and minimal side effects. At North Shore Acupuncture and Natural Medicine, Acupuncturists are licensed by the state of Massachusetts and undergo multiple board certificates by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Acupuncture is generally safe regardless of person's medical history. When choosing an acupuncturist for infertility treatment, be sure to be treated by an acupuncturist who specializes in acupuncture for fertility.