Summer Heat and Dampness- Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture Remedies

Summer Heat and Dampness- Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture Remedies

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Summer time, the season all long for, but when the heat and humidity ramps up, there is a sudden shift and most are wishing it was cooler again!

Today I would like cover a few topics:

1)What is "Summer Heat"

2) What is "Dampness"

3) How does Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine help to prevent and resolve symptoms of "Summer Heat" and Dampness"

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What is "Summer Heat"?

With the weekend heat wave behind us, you may have noticed symptoms of summer heat such as fever, nausea, diarrhea, upset stomach, dizziness, whole body heaviness, or heaviness in the arms and legs. TCM likes to refer to these symptoms as "Summer heat".

Summer Heat is sweltering heat which can be experienced here in Beverly, MA on a 95 degree day. Add humidity and you are experiencing what TCM would refer to as Dampness. This weekend you were likely experiencing some symptoms of Dampness as well. Symptoms are body heaviness localized (i.e. arms, legs) and possible overall body heaviness, diarrhea, stuffiness in chest, irritability, fever, excessive sweating, and dizziness

Symptoms of summer heat and dampness, should NOT be confused with heat exhaustion or heat stroke (i.e. fainting, dark colored urine, rapid heart rate, dry skin, etc). If you are experiencing symptoms of heat exhaustion or heat stroke seek immediate medical attention.

How to Combat "Summer Heat" and "Dampness"?

First, if you are an individual who is suffers from summer heat or dampness, try acupuncture! Acupuncture works to prevent the onset of summer heat and dampness through acupuncture points that release heat and harmonize the spleen to prevent dampness from occurring. Acupuncture points are stimulated through hair thin needles, and while you may experience relief after one acupuncture treatment, the greatest effects of acupuncture occur after a number of treatments.

Second, let's focus on cooling and harmonizing your body to reduce and resolve symptoms of summer heat and dampness.

1) Watermelon: There is a reason why watermelon is widely consumed during the summer months. Watermelon contains many cooling properties, vitamins, minerals, simple sugars, and water to help you stay cool. Try to eat as close to the rind as possible as there are diuretic effects.

Did you know that the cucumber is watermelon's cousin and that the whole watermelon is edible.

2) Mung bean or Mung bean soup: Mung beans help clear heat and toxins from the body, balance organs and skin, and tonify Qi. Mung beans have been shown to regulate body temperature and to prevent heat stroke. You likely don't crave Mung bean soup, or you might not even know what a Mung Bean is, but Mung Beans are surprisingly sweet and tasty!

3) Mint tea: Mint or Bo He is classified as cool, acrid herb which can relieve heat in the head and chest. Drink cool or at room temperature. If you aren't already growing mint in your garden, head over to your local nursery to grab this easy to grow herb and begin making your own tea!

4) Avoid outside activities during the hottest parts of the day.

5) Electrolytes: replenishing fluids and electrolytes are very important. Replenish with just water and you could risk hypoatremia. Hypoatremia, occurs when you drink too much water and dilute salts in the body.

If you health care doesn't include acupuncture, make the choice today to see how acupuncture works to better your health!

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