North Shore Acupuncture and Natural Medicine in Beverly, MA

Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine

Using a holistic approach to restore harmony and wellness within the North Shore community one patient at a time!

Offering a diverse selection of safe and effective acupuncture treatments incorporating Integrative and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our acupuncture treatment style is rooted in Japanese style acupuncture. Japanese style acupuncture works for both pediatrics and adults, as it’s approach is a gentle and effective for a variety of health conditions.

Founded by Allison Camire MAOM LAc. OM Dipl., North Shore Acupuncture and Natural Medicine - An Acupuncture clinic in Beverly, MA. We offer acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, a trusted alternative medicine for a wide range of health issues. Acupuncture works to rebalance and restore harmony to the body naturally. Acupuncture is a safe and effective modality to regulate a variety of health conditions that impact the body.

Specializing in acupuncture for fertility, women’s health, mental health, digestion, musculoskeletal & pain conditions, and pediatric acupuncture.

Today make the choice to improve, maintain or enhance your health! Enjoy a life full of joy, health and happiness.  Allison looks forward to supporting you every step of the way!

Welcome to North Shore Acupuncture and Natural Medicine.

Providing Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine to the North Shore Community


Why Acupuncture?

Acupuncture Restores Harmony & Wellness Naturally

Acupuncture works to activate the body’s innate healing ability. During and after acupuncture treatment the body works to rebalance & restore harmony naturally. Our acupuncture clinic uses a time-honored, safe, medically substantiated method to help patients become pain-free, achieve healthy weight, heal and rejuvenate their system. The effects of acupuncture can be felt immediately after an acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture is highly praised throughout the medical community for its effectiveness and lack of negative side effects. Acupuncture has been known to successfully treat many acute & chronic illnesses that Western medicine had trouble treating effectively.


Acupuncture for Digestion

Acupuncture treatment works for digestive disorders

Acupuncture for Mental Health

Acupuncture works for stress and anxiety

Acupuncture for Pain

Try acupuncture for back pain


Pediatric Acupuncture Beverly

Specialized Pediatric Acupuncture Training

Acupuncture for Fertility & Pregnancy

Looking for a natural approach t0 fertility? Try acupuncture

Acupuncture for Women’s Health

Women’s Health Acupuncture

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Beverly, MA Chinese Herbal Medicine Store

North Shore Acupuncture and Natural Medicine utilizes Chinese herbal medicine an all-natural, safe and a holistic approach to your health. When herbal formulas and acupuncture are used in conjunction, patients notice faster relief from their symptoms. Chinese herbal medicine can be used for both acute and chronic symptoms.

Our Team

Many of our patients have praised Allison for her compassionate and caring dedication to her patients. Our team works together to achieve optimal patient health. We are committed to helping you find balance, free yourself from pain and experience life to the fullest!

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